The Community Care Campain was a success! 

The Community Care Campaign was a great success! Through generous donations, and in collaboration with St. Maurice and St. Verena Coptic Orthodox Church in Toronto (SMSV), the Care Campaign received over 3,000 brand-new clothing and personal care items. All donations were sorted and distributed among six men, women, and youth shelters across Toronto and York Region. Many people generously made cash donations, which were used to purchase specific needs of each shelter including clothing, electronics, and Bibles.

This campaign was a doorway to have a better understanding of specific needs of the most vulnerable in our Community. We were able to connect with many Community leaders and launch new friendships and partnerships. 

In addition to the donated items, some shelters requested Healing Wings’ help in initiating programs for youth employment trainings, financial literacy training, programs on mental health counselling, crafts and activities, and multilingual counselling. 

In partnership with SMSV, Healing Wings volunteers assessed all these needs in the months that followed the Care Campaign. All shelters have expressed their gratitude which goes beyond the donated items. They felt that the church community and Healing Wings volunteers, manifested great concern for their neighbours during the most difficult of times in the peak of the pandemic  

Overall, it was a great experience for the entire church congregation and Healing Wings volunteers to lead an inspirational campaign during the peak of the pandemic to bring joy and hope to the most vulnerable in our midst. 

We thank the SMSV Community Service Ministry, SMSV Harvest Ministry, and Healing Wings Foundation for their leadership and dedication to make this a very impactful campaign. 

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